Yarrow Extract / Tincture (4oz/118ml) - Maria Treben's Authentic™

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It grows in meadows and pastures, by roadsides and paths. The flowers are white or pink, have an aromatic smell and should be picked in bright sunshine.


Infusion: 1/4 litre of boiling water is poured over 1 heaped teaspoon of herbs, infused for a short time.

Tincture: Yarrow flowers, picked in the sun, are placed loosely into a bottle. 38% to 40% rye whisky or vodka is poured over them and the bottle is left in the sun or in a warm place for 14 days.

Yarrow ointment: 90 gm. unsalted butter or lard are heated, 15 gm. freshly picked, cut Yarrow flowers and 15 gm. finely cut Raspberry leaves are added, stirred till crackling occurs and removed from the heat. The next day it is slightly warmed, pressed through a piece of linen, poured into clear jars and stored in the refrigerator.

Sitz bath: 100 gm. Yarrow (the whole herb) are steeped in cold water overnight. The next day brought to the boil and added to the bath water (see General Information "sitz bath").

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