Mistletoe Handcrafted Soap (3.75oz) - Maria Treben's Authentic™

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Maria Treben's Authentic Handcrafted Mistletoe Soap - Perfume free. Maintains the skin's natural acidity. Use Maria Treben's Authentic Handcrafted Mistletoe Soap for daily washing and showering. This soap is made using her original recipe. pH 5.5 alkaline free.

Description and Herb Details for Mistletoe: Frequently Maria Treben had been asked why she praised Mistletoe so much, since it is supposed to be poisonous. The leaves and twigs are not; only the berries, if taken internally.

Ingredients: Sponified Vegetable, Olive, Coconut and Castor Oil with distilled water and Mistletoe herbal infusion.

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