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Latin (botanical) name: Piper Methysticum

Common names: Kava Root, Kava Kava, Ava, Intoxicating Pepper, Ava Pepper

Plant Description: Kava grows abundantly on the islands of Polynesia and in almost all the Pacific islands. Consumption ranged from New Guinea to Hawaii, New Zealand, and most of the Solomon Islands. These days, its use is seen primarily in western Polynesia, especially in Samoa and Tonga, and most of Melanesia, including Fiji. It can also be found in Micronesia. An indigenous shrub several feet high, the leaves are cordate, acuminate, with very short axillary spikes of flowers. The spotted stem is dichotomous. Commercial Kava rhizome is in whitish or grey-brown roughly wedge-shaped fragments from which the periderm is cut off about 2 inches thick; the transverse section usually shows a dense central pith, surrounded by a clean ring of vascular bundles, narrow and radiating, and separated by broadish light-coloured medullary rays. Kava has a faint pleasant odour and the taste is bitter, pungent, and aromatic.

Use: Make a tea by pouring approximately 2 cups of boiling water over 2 heaped tsp of herb. Let steep for 3-5 minutes. In general, sip a cup before breakfast, and another 2 hours after dinner

Cautions & Interactions: Do not take during pregnancy or while nursing. Keep out of reach of children.

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