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This plant belongs to our most indispensable and valued herbs, which nature has in store for us. It grows in moist meadows, ditches and near streams, is found also near fences and in gravel pits, flowering all summer. The leaves are rough and pointed at the end. The several year old root, dark brown to black on the outside, white to yellowish within, is of the thickness of a thumb and, cut open, is sticky, almost slimy. The root is dug out in spring or autumn. The fresh plant is gathered before and during the time of flowering. In an old German recipe Comfrey leaves are dipped into a light batter and fried in oil. There is goodness there for the whole family.


Tea preparation from the roots: 2 teaspoons of finely chopped roots are soaked in 1/4 litre cold water overnight, slightly warmed in the morning, strained and taken in sips.

Poultice: Well dried roots are finely ground, mixed quickly with very hot water and a few drops of cooking oil and spread on a piece of linen, applied warm on the affected area and bandaged.

Leaf applications (fresh): Fresh leaves are washed, beaten to a pulp and applied to the affected part.

Leaf applications (hot): Comfrey leaves are scalded and applied warm.

Additions to full bath: 500 gm. fresh or dried Comfrey leaves are soaked in approx. 5 litres of cold water. Next day it is brought to the boil and the liquid is added to the bath water (see "full bath" - General Information).

Sitz bath: Proceed as for full bath, but use only 200 gm. of leaves.

Comfrey tincture: Comfrey roots are washed and cleaned with a brush, finely chopped, loosely placed in a bottle, rye whisky or wodka poured over them and the bottle kept in the sun or near the stove for 14 days.

Comfrey ointment: 4 to 6 fresh, washed Comfrey roots, depending on size, are finely chopped and added to 250 gm. of heated lard and left to cool overnight. Next day reheated, lightly strained and pressed through a cloth, immediately poured into clean, small jars and stored in the refrigerator. This Comfrey ointment can be used instead of the meal. For treatment of wounds in humans and animals the ointment is invaluable.

Comfrey wine: 2 to 5 fresh roots are finely chopped and macerated in one litre of white wine for 5 to 6 weeks. An excellent remedy for pulmonary complaints!

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