Shepherd's Purse Extract / Tincture (4oz/118ml) - Maria Treben's Authentic™

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This herb is to be found everywhere in meadows, ditches, fields and gardens and is looked upon as a troublesome weed. Hardly any earth is moved - especially when building a house - without Shepherd's Purse growing almost overnight. The irregular toothed lower leaves form a rosette - similar to Dandelion. The stems grow to a height of 40 cm. It flowers from spring through to autumn. The tiny, dirty-white flowers are borne in terminal clusters, the lower ones already succeeded by seed vessels, in the form of little heart-shaped pouches that feel leathery to the touch. Chickens have a special liking for these little pouches. As soon as the snow melts and nature is free from frost, the Shepherd's Purse grows fresh and green again. Contrary to Mistletoe which must be prepared cold, this tea is infused with boiling water.


Infusion: 1 heaped teaspoon per 1/4 litre of boiling water, infused for a short time.

Sitz bath: See General Information "sitz bath".

Compress: 1 heaped double handful of Shepherd's Purse, if possible the fresh herb, is placed in a sieve over boiling water. The moist, warm herb is put between a cloth and applied.

Tincture: Freshly picked Shepherd's Purse, the leaves, stems, flowers and seed pods are finely cut and placed loosely into a bottle to the neck, 38% to 40% rye whisky is poured over it (the herbs have to be covered) and left in the sun or in a warm place for 10 days.

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